Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh David, It's A Sin

Hello lovers

So, it has been decided. The upcoming EP shall be called: 'Oh David, It's A Sin'. It will be self-released and is coming out May/June. We are in the final stages of mixing, and soon mastering will be done, then it is all yours. Besides choosing the tracklist, and deciding on a title, I can honestly say that choosing artwork was the hardest part. Things have been narrowed down to two option. I might even use both, then when you buy the EP, you can choose the one you want. One is a sketch by my cousin, Anda Piet, ad the other is a photograph I took of a beach scene in Port Elizabeth, my hometown. Sad January afternoon listening to Joanna Newsom and Loveless.

Here is the tracklist: Note! tracks have been re-recorded
1. As I Crane To See
2. In The Dark Room
3. Abraham
4. White Porno Boy
5. Tisk

I will also be giving you little sneak peaks into the EP, little surprises. Also, I will be writing about the works that influenced the music. Be ready.

Check out the artwork

Artwork by Anda

Beach scene photograph

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